Ethnographic Art for the Discerning Collector!

About Spectrum Arts Inc.

Welcome to Spectrum Arts!  We are a brick and mortar gallery in the amazing city of Santa Fe, NM.  We are both part of the Travelers’ Market, and a private, by appointment, ethnographic gallery.  If you love to travel, are fascinated by ethnic culture and want to learn more about the world around you…you have come to the right place!!

We have been in business for nine years, first in Florida, then in NM, but we are the product of nearly 40 years of collecting primarily African art.  We have expanded into the world wide arts offering sculpture, furniture, masks, museum quality textiles, jewelry, paintings, photography, carvings, clothing, bronzes, utilitarian items and more.  You will find, antique, vintage, and contemporary items at our shop perfect for the collector, the decorator, the person looking for a unique gift, or someone wishing to learn more about the peoples of the world community..

The purpose of this blog is to introduce world art, and to inform and teach some of the fascinating and useful information regarding the art and craft of the myriad peoples of the world.  I hope to give insight into the dying crafts that are being produced by the few remaining practitioners of the art.  Perhaps you may even start a collection!


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