Ethnographic Art for the Discerning Collector!

Caring for tribal art

Collecting tribal artwork, or primitive folk art, can be fun and exciting. If you build a collection of art pieces and you don’t have enough room to display them, the following tips will be helpful as you progress in your hobby.

After your artwork has been cleaned or restored, you should place your pieces in a dry place that’s relatively cool. If the temperature in your storage space becomes too warm or too cold, the consequences can damage your hard-won artworks.

Another way to ensure your pieces are preserved safely is to wrap them in acid-free tissue paper. Apart from general protection, this will prevent dust or dirt from settling on your pieces which can cause long-term damage. If you’re dealing with fabric-based art, layers of acid-free tissue paper should be inserted between any of the folds in the piece.

Acid-free boxes that are durable enough to protect the artworks inside are the ideal home for primitive folk art items. Cushion the item on all sides, preventing it from abrasion. You can also add silica packets to the storage drawer to reduce the chance of humidity damaging your artwork.

If you’re concerned about a unique artwork that seems to fall outside of this advice, or you want more personalized considerations for your art pieces, seek out a professional art conservationist for more detailed instructions.Image

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