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Displaying Tribal Art

Collectors use a variety of techniques to spotlight their prized art pieces. Displaying native art is a far more subtle and complex process than simply shining a bright light on your artwork. The following helpful hints will help you create a showcase worthy for your native art collection.

Utilizing display cases is one of the easiest ways to safely display your art. Protecting primitive artworks from both accidents and external contaminants, a display case also provides a formal method of showing off your items. For textiles, you can hang rugs and quilts from wall hangers which distribute the weight of the textile across the hanger. This prevents you from puncturing the fabric or fastening it in a damaging way. For storing smaller works of art, stands for masks and dolls prop them up, allowing for excellent display. Measure your pieces to make sure you purchase a stand of the correct size for the best display options. The preferred presentation is one in which the display stand is minimally, or not, visible, allowing all details of the piece to be shown.  There are various opinions as to whether or not drilling into a piece to secure it is acceptable, as it can be considered alteration of the piece.

Lighting is another area of art display that is important for extending the life of your piece. Battery-operated picture lights can be placed in places where outlets are impractical. Track lights can illuminate a number of pieces at once, and are favorites in museum displays. Spotlights are also useful for lighting a piece from below. Be sure to consult an art conservationist or restoration artist if you’re concerned about your particular art pieces. It’s very important to keep in mind that certain kinds of light will damage specific materials more than others, so be sure to consult a specialist if you have individual questions about your works. 

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